#CBD Beauty Corner launches with The Salon Project

Saks Fifth Avenue Is Now Serving CBD Beauty At New York City Flagship's In-House Salon.

Barney’s New York was the first to fling the doors open to cannabis acceptance among luxury retailers earlier this year with The High End and now Saks Fifth Avenue is next to follow suit in the form of a dedicated space.

Today, the chain of department stores announced the launch of The Salon Project by Joel Warren’s CBD Beauty Corner at its New York City flagship on Fifth Avenue. In conjunction with the opening of the famed hairstylist’s fourth location, the new “shop in shop” concept, is set to make its debut on May 11 for Mother’s Day weekend, bringing a curated wellness experience to the full-service, in-store salon.

Warren, who already operates three state-of-the-art locations in Long Island, Boca Raton and Miami Beach, says the discovery of CBD two years ago led to the idea to incorporate it into his partnership with what he calls “an iconic institution of fashion and beauty."

”I started using CBD to help with my insomnia, which helped me sleep better than I have in years. The fact that an all-natural product has made such in an impact in my life has changed my life,” shares Warren. “There are a lot of layers to fully understanding the benefits of CBD products as a new consumer in the space. It can be confusing and overwhelming for those curious to try and we want to be that safe, zen space you can come to where we will ensure the best-personalized beauty experience possible.”

In addition to its menu of traditional services, The Salon Project will offer in-chair CBD treatment upgrades like the “Going Back to Cali” CocoCanna hand massage and “Take Me Back to Woodstock” Salome Roll-On by Highborn with a Mary’s Nutritionals transdermal patch. 


Katie Shapiro, Editor, Vices

I cover the intersection of cannabis and luxury.

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