In May of 2019, we launched our ‘shop in shop’ within luxury salon and innovative beauty experience The Salon Project by Joel Warren at NYC’s Saks Fifth Avenue flagship. The CBD Beauty Corner features multiple emerging and established brands that possess a collective aesthetic and highlight the benefits of a beauty and wellness regimen seeded in cbd love and education. Social Pop up and CBD savants Creeds Collective, digital agency, and Culture Brands, CBD consultancy, lead curation and creative for the CBD Beauty Corner.

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Us, We

Culture Brands

is a CBD Consultancy in which our dialogue begins with founders and their vision and trickles down to consumers, industry advocates, investors and influencers to position current brands and create new brands that will edify and disrupt the cultural ambiance. Cultivating the best in CBD beauty and wellness products we foster a plethora of boutique, investment, and major shop sales and fulfillment opportunities. 

Our Sister Agency

Creeds Collective

is a women founded creative social media and influencer tech agency based out of New York with offices in LA, Hawaii and Italy. Creeds help us and other brands, agencies, & influencers optimize their identities. By dissecting the psychology of buying behavior and eclectic nuances of culture to drive brand awareness & sales.

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Better Together

Creeds and Culture Brands have come together within The Salon Project at NYC’s Saks Fifth Avenue to offer a collective of impactful CBD Brands and provide a platform for sales, distribution and marketing support for to elevate experiential retail with our physical ‘shop in shop’ and further consumer education on the benefits of CBD.

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Curated Discovery

Highlight key information to make people quickly impressed by your product

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CBD Education

Don't get lost in the hype, stay in the know with our blog where we bring you the real information you need. 

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Premium Service

You don't have to be an expert. Shop with a CBD beauty expert with our live chat feature. 

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