Silk Reborn Intensive Hydration Hair Bar - CBD Beauty Corner
Silk Reborn Intensive Hydration Hair Bar - CBD Beauty Corner

Silk Reborn Intensive Hydration Hair Bar


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Intensive Hydration Hair Bar

Meticulously formulated with 3 key ingredients, Argan oil, Castor oil and 100mg CBD to gently cleanse and condition hair. Silk Reborn provides 3 fool proof effects by blocking humidity causing frizz, boosting hydration and sealing cuticles & nurturing hair fibers. Say goodbye to dry tangled and frizzy curls!

Each bar is equivalent to 2-3 16oz liquid bottle shampoo and can last up to 80 washes.

What it does

Silk Reborn Shampoo and Conditioner bar removes dirt and impurities while providing intensive hydration to tame unruly frizz, smoothen and defines waves, curls and coils without weighing the hair down.

Who it’s Made For
  • Thick, wavy hair (Hair Type 2)

  • Curly hair (Hair Type 3)

  • Coiled hair (Hair Type 4)

  • Color-treated, chemically-treated

  • Dry

  • Untamed frizzy hair

  • Damaged, lifeless hair

  • Dull hair

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil

Contains 21 known amino acids to build collagen and elastin to promote hair strength, prevents breakage and makes hair look thicker and fuller. Rich in antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E to protect hair from pollution and shields hair from environmental damage like dryness and frizz. Excellent in locking in moisture due to its high amounts of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 & 9. It is also rich in Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium to regulate, improve and balances your scalp’s natural oil production so it is great for oily, dry, or normal hair types.

Argan Oil

Provides superior hydration to smoothen and soften hair without making your hair look oily and greasy. Infused with high antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Argan oil moisturizes each strand of hair to  restores luster to dull and lifeless hair. Rich with Vitamin E which gives hair sufficient nourishment to prevent damaged hair from straightening, curling, blow drying or chemically treated hair. It also nourishes the hair follicles ensuring healthy hair growth.

Castor Seed Oil

Rich in ricinoleic acid which helps improve scalp’s  blood circulation to boost hair growth. It also balances and nourishes the scalp to restore its natural oils and repair damages from harsh hair products. Castor oil is also rich with antioxidants to strengthen, smoothen and tame frizziness.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Nature’s answer to harsh sulfates. Also known as baby’s foam because of it is very mild, gentle and high foaming ability producing velvety lather. It is gentle enough to use on delicate skin leaving hair clean, hydrated and silky smooth.